We help you Build your own sales community through Word-Of-Mouth marketing!

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Your customers love your products/services. Conventional technique is that they will recommend you to their friends and family. But it happens only with a few passionate customers. Majority of your customers would not spread it due to lack of encouragement. That’s why we are here.






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Increase your Sales through Word-Of-mouth Marketing

Offerpedia gets you more customers by incentivizing referrals! This easy way of customer acquisition would cost you a lot less than you would pay to get the same results through advertisements.

  • Attract new customers

    Penetrate your business into customer segments that haven’t purchased at your store before

  • Own sales community

    People who love your product/service are motivated to refer it to their network

  • Easy to begin campaign

    No tedious campaign integration. Simple process than never before.

  • Increased ROI

    More people shop through us at your store, return more frequently, and thus become your loyal customers.

  • Transparency

    Monitor all your datas and get insights on all a simple dashboard.

  • No platform charges

    No hidden costs or platform charges and you pay only for successful businesses made through us.