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Introducing Offerpedia

It is a very simple idea!

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    Download and Join by simply providing your contact number.

  • Share

    Select your favourite campaigns and share it to your friends and family through any social media.

  • Earn

    You get a cashback each time you purchase. Not just that, you and your friend get cashback each time your friend purchase through your referrals. Yes !!! You heard it right..!

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    Transfer the cash back in your offerpedia account to any Offerpedia User Globally.

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    Scan and Pay

    You can scan the QR Code and pay with Offerpedia cash back at any online and offline stores.

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    Withdraw to Account

    You can withdraw your cashback in offerpedia account to your bank account.

Why Offerpedia

Offerpedia is a Word of Mouth marketing platform which brings a Double-sided Referral Program. If you love a product /service listed on the Offerpedia platform, share it with your friends and family. If anybody whom you shared makes a purchase, you get a cashback. Now, a zillion platforms work the same… So what’s new? Offerpedia does not just give a cashback to the person shared, but a cashback is given to the person who makes the purchase too! Great! Isn’t it?






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